My  brand,, is a design handcrafts project.

I produce shoes and leather goods within an author's logic. Each product is unique durable and timeless, made with quality raw materials, time, and great passion for what is created... In absolute opposition to the structures and systems of mass production and distribution where normally the ethical values on work and the respect for sustainability are devalued.

Having inherited from my father and my grandfather this old and beautiful art of shoemaking, it has been crucial for me to go deeper into the ancestral  proccesses of working leather. this search, in connection with all the aesthetic influences that accompany me, define me as a creator.
In the Portuguese language Machado means ax, but in my case it is also the name that I inherited from my mother and my father. It is in honor of them that I chose the name for my project.

“I like to think Machado are for those who like to have their feet on the ground and their heart in the clouds”.

I believe that everything in life has to have some poetry, otherwise the weight of being becomes very heavy...

photo by Hugo Gamelas